Current meter - Rogowski coil
High quality Rogowski coil
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  • Manufacturer of
    Rogowski coil
    CIE s.r.l. produces electrical devices
    and high quality Rogowski coil.
    Thanks to CIE's Rogowski coil it is possible
    to measure alternating and pulse currents.
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What we offer

Production of Rogowski coil for international trade

Rogowski coils, also known as current transducer, are designed to measure alternating current. CIE s.r.l. is specialized in producing Rogowski coil, a high quality product also called Rogowski sensor.

Flexible and robust

Rogowski coils for the measurement of low, medium and high currents are sensors characterized by flexibility and strength.

Different sizes

Rogowski coils are available in different sizes so that Rogowski coil can vary in length and diameter. So Rogowski coils can be used in any system and for hard installations.

Certificate Rogowski coils

CIE's Rogowski coil all meet with international standards and many global certification.

High quality

Rogowski coils are made with the best materials so that they allow the best conduction and insulation.